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You may have heard of the bucket or mannequin challenge. Well, long before these challenges was the MIRROR Challenge™ and we face it every day! The MIRROR Challenge™ is aimed at challenging you to challenge yourself. It is about ‘you confronting you and dealing with what’s inside of you’.

It is about you looking in the mirror of life metaphorically and challenging yourself, your reflection, your thoughts, your thinking, your vision, your mind, your feelings, your senses - what you see, hear and feel.

Most importantly, this book is about what action you need to take to change your current situation (if you don’t like it) and taking it!

It’s your handbook to help you get a fresh and new insight as well as a different perspective of who you are and ‘unearth’ the real you.

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It’s time to look in the mirror and be fearless. The mind is where winners are born!

The Mirror Challenge
reminds you that you are your own powerhouse, that you are not to let people have power over you and under any circumstances, do not allow people to dictate and tell you, who you are!

We need to get over the ‘disease to please’ mentality.

You may have heard of the bucket or Mannequin challenge. Well, long before these challenges was the MIRROR Challenge and we face it everyday - Petal L. Miller

The MIRROR Challenge is not only a book you read, it’s a resource, it has tips and techniques and is a toolkit for you to use. Use it to break new ground and create opportunities in your life. Use it to jump start a stalling career. Your past does not determine your future. It’s your decisions and actions that create your future.

According to one reader, ‘The Mirror Challenge made me face some uncomfortable truths, but I have felt extremely empowered and I am doing something about my situation!’

It provides practical advice on moving on and getting ahead in life. This book provides opportunities for individuals to think, plan, do and review and take ‘real’ action regarding your future.

Are you ready for the MIRROR Challenge?

So, here’s to looking in the mirror!

The more you look in the mirror, is the more you will find out about yourself and what changes you need to make to take you to the next level!

Take The MIRROR Challenge and see the results!


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